Comprehensive Care Center

thinkstockphotos-4792880041The Comprehensive Care Center (CCC) is available to qualified members. It is a voluntary program offered through GMA Healthcare Providers.

The providers at the CCC are Parvez Memon, MD Medical Director and Deborah Mc Dowell, FNP-C.

The CCC is the first NCQA recognized Patient Centered Medical Home in the Greater Bakersfield area. This means that we have gathered the finest group of physicians, nurse practitioners, social workers, nurse case managers, health educators and pharmacists to work together to enhance your quality of life. The team will work together with your current provider, who remains available to you.


Our dedicated staff assumes full responsibility for providing quality care to all of our members.


To have providers with excellent knowledge of medical care and assure our members that we not only care for them, but we care about them.


To educate and provide resource assistance on a variety of medical conditions and medications, and to help the patient, caregiver, and family be a participant with us in the delivery of their care.

Our mission is to continually strive to improve the quality of care for our members through a holistic patient-centered, team-based collaboration of medical and allied professionals. 

How It Works

Comprehensive Review:

We begin by conducting a comprehensive review of your medical problems and health history.

Medication Overview:

We review all medications with you. We discuss the purpose of each - and also review directions about how and when to take the medications to maximize benefits and minimize side effects and safety risks. The medication review includes information on cost-saving alternatives, if available.

Individual Care Plan:

We create an individualized care plan for you.

Team Approach:

You have the benefit of a comprehensive team of professionals who will spend the time with you to create a plan and to assist and support you with your care.

Regular Follow-Up:

An integral part of the program is follow-up. Follow-up visits are available to continue to assist and support you. Our goal is to be there for you, and our focus will be to provide you with all necessary preventive care to keep you as healthy as possible.

The Focus is on You

If you decide to use the Comprehensive Care Center, the focus will be on you and your individualized care needs.

You will be involved in the decisions related to your care with the advice and counsel of your team members, and with input from any other physicians participating in your care.

There will be ample time spent with you so that you can better understand your situation, know your treatment options and make informed decisions about your care that are meaningful to you and your family.