Health Services



In an effort to improve your medical care and enhance your quality of life, we have asked GEMCare primary care physicians how we can help serve their patients. They have said that they need a location for patients to get in depth assessment and education about their needs. The CCC was developed and is the only NCQA certified Patient Centered Medical HomeĀ® in Bakersfield. What this means is that we have gathered the best doctors, nurses, social workers and pharmacists to ensure you are getting the most out of your healthcare.

How does this program tie in with your usual medical care? You do not have to give up your primary care doctor. In fact, your primary care doctor has given us permission to contact you as a potential member. Any assessments by Comprehensive Care Center staff will be sent back to your doctor. We are an additional layer of medical care, at no charge to our members. The program is completely voluntary for members who qualify through GEMCare Health Plan.

Our mission is to continually strive to improve the quality of care for our members through a holistic, patient centered, team based collaboration of medical and allied professionals.